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Aman Distributors - Distributors for V-guard , Symphony & Panasonic range of products based at Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

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Inverter and Battery Dealer at Bhubaneswar
Inverter and Battery Dealer at Bhubaneswar
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Pebbel Metalica & Non Metalica Water Heater
Pebbel Metalica & Non Metalica Water Heater INR 0 INR 0 Pebbel Metalica & Non Metalica Water Heater True 1522142690
Sprin Hot Water Heater V guard
Sprin Hot Water Heater V guard INR 0 INR 0 Relax to a soothing and warm water bath after a tiring day using this amazing water heater. We at V-Guard call it the Sprinhot Plus but you can call it your own personal spa. This water heater is blessed with a good capacity, is long lasting product that can survive wear and tear and still efficiently heats up water for you. It lets you check the power and heating functions manually and use it to befit your requirements. The V-Guard Sprinhot Plus water heater has a tough and efficient heating element which ensures that your water heats up fast. So, with this geyser in your bathroom, you can enjoy a quick warm water bath at any time of the day.This water heater meets all the high standards of quality and safety. The heating element with ISI mark and PUF insulation to minimize heat loss and reduce power consumption protect you and your family from accidents. As it is made from rustproof, high impact resistant thermoplastic, this V-Guard water heater is durable and functions efficiently for years in your personal space. Sporting a white smartly designed body shell, this V-Guard water heater is a fine combination of visual appeal and utility True 1522142819
Steamer Series Water Heater
Steamer Series Water Heater INR 0 INR 0 Need hot water at the flick of a switch? Get a water heater from the Steamer Series of V-Guard today. It provides you with perfect temperature water and also helps you save on your electricity bills due to its capability to use energy efficiently. These water heaters provide you hot water without a hassle and let you save on costs. Its compact size enables you to use them both with a shower or connect it to a tap. The powder coated mild steel outer body is corrosion resistant and shock proof as well. Their non-hygroscopic glass wool insulation helps to minimise heat loss and reduce power consumption. The inner tank is made of 304L Grade TATA/JINDAL stainless steel for lifelong performance. The water heater is fitted with a thermostat that cuts off the power when the set temperature is reached. Its Non-Hygroscopic Glass Wool insulation retains the water temperature for a long period of time and saves on power consumption. V-Guard is one of the leading brands of water heaters in India and stands for quality, reliability and performance. We make sure that our products suit your requirements like no other. True 1522143047
Stream Plus ECH
Stream Plus ECH INR 0 INR 0 Stream Plus ECH True 1522143286
Steam Plus ECN Water Heater
Steam Plus ECN Water Heater INR 0 INR 0 Steam Plus ECN Water Heater True 1522143440
Steamer Plus ECS Water Heater
Steamer Plus ECS Water Heater INR 0 INR 0 Steamer Plus ECS Water Heater True 1522143565
Staem Plus Epac
Staem Plus Epac INR 0 INR 0 Staem Plus Epac True 1522143667
Steamer Plus MS
Steamer Plus MS INR 0 INR 0 Every day is an opportunity unknown, every day is the beginning of something beautiful, a day with endless possibilities and to make the most of your day, all you need is a great, energetic start to your mornings. We at V-Guard have created something to help your days get that spurt of energy. The Steamer Plus range of water heaters features V-Guard's innovative high quality Incoloy 840 heating element, it has an inner tank made of steel that gives corrosion resistance, high pressure withstanding capacity and high energy efficiency. There is a Vitreous Enamel coating on the inner tank which provides better protection and longer life to your favourite geyser. It is an apt geyser for multi-storied building and can withstand pressure up to 8 Kg/cm2.This beautiful device will provide you with the luxury of demand ready hot water. So fill your tub, take a long hot shower, without having to worry about getting up early and waiting for your Geyser to heat up water for you and without fearing that hot water may get exhausted in the middle of your shower. Just turn the water tap and enjoy in the aroma, created exclusively for you by the Steamer Plus water heaters from V-Guard. True 1522143849
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