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Steamer Series Water Heater
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Steamer Series Water Heater

Need hot water at the flick of a switch? Get a water heater from the Steamer Series of V-Guard today. It provides you with perfect temperature water and also helps you save on your electricity bills due to its capability to use energy efficiently. These water heaters provide you hot water without a hassle and let you save on costs. Its compact size enables you to use them both with a shower or connect it to a tap. The powder coated mild steel outer body is corrosion resistant and shock proof as well. Their non-hygroscopic glass wool insulation helps to minimise heat loss and reduce power consumption. The inner tank is made of 304L Grade TATA/JINDAL stainless steel for lifelong performance. The water heater is fitted with a thermostat that cuts off the power when the set temperature is reached. Its Non-Hygroscopic Glass Wool insulation retains the water temperature for a long period of time and saves on power consumption. V-Guard is one of the leading brands of water heaters in India and stands for quality, reliability and performance. We make sure that our products suit your requirements like no other.



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Steamer Plus MSV
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Steamer Plus MSV

V-Guard's range of water heaters promise to revitalise you every day from the moment they enter your bathroom. The Steamer plus MSV range for instance comprises of storage water heaters that are known for their sleek design, energy efficiency, reliable performance and long life. They are made to contemporary and compact designs to compliment every style of modern bathroom interiors.The cold water starts flowing through the unit as it gets your instruction and what reaches you is a sheer warmth. These geysers also eliminate standing heat loss and help you save on electricity. This range of V-Guard water heaters is characterised by aesthetic design, a high level of user convenience and economical operation. The water heaters are manufactured with advanced thermostat equipment and thermal body structure. We make sure that you are safe with an inbuilt automatic temperature control mechanism. The outer body of each water heater is fabricated with high quality Powder coated mild Steel & ABS end covers for a smooth operation and long life so that you have every reason to go for this one.



Pay mode:COD only


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